Glitter Silhouette Art

One of my best friends commissioned me to make an original canvas art. She wanted “something cool” using her favorite colors and maybe glitter.

Immediately, I thought of a technique that I saved to my Pinterest – a spray paint silhouette. Instead of a leaf shown in the tutorial, I would make a stencil of an inspiring quote. I had the saying printed on cardstock, then cut out with scissors and an X-Acto knife.

I prepped the canvas first with layers of glitter spray in the colors I wanted for the quote. Once the first layer of colors was dry, I positioned the cardstock stencil and spray painted over the entire canvas and stencil with black glitter spray paint. The stencil was pretty fragile and I knew it wouldn’t lay down flat. So, I held it in place with wooden coffee stirrers with one hand while the other hand did the spray painting. After the black glitter paint settled, I removed the stencil. Done correctly, the shape of the stencil should be in the color of the first layer of paint.

See for yourself the final result. I’m accepting original art commissions at