Sushirrito {San Francisco}

I have a love-to-hate relationship with San Francisco and the Bay Area. They think they’re so much better than everyone else (especially L.A.) as they price out everyone who can’t keep up. All the while still maintaining the belief that they’re creating a better world for everyone.

Rather a better world for some…

But as I am a stupid forgiving person I decided to give S.F. another shot to bare me its soul. Unfortunately, the week of my visit the city was exposing itself to the world and an influx of tourists for Super Bowl 50. Still, I went out determined to “figure out” the city.

On a recommendation, I went to Sushirrito – a sushi burrito concept. This baffled me. Doesn’t a sushi burrito already exist? It’s the giant futomaki rolls you see in the Mitsuwa sushi case. Still, there must be something to it. I mean, L.A. gave birth to the ubiquitous Korean taco.

A sushi burrito is like a very large sushi roll, but I’d describe the fillings as more hearty. Sushirrito has options seafood options, but also carne asada, pork belly, and chicken katsu fillings. I was impressed.

Sushirrito impressed me.
San Francisco…impressed me.

I even went back the next day to try Sushirrito’s limited-supply Lava Nachos: spicy tuna on brown rice crisps, topped with jack cheese, avocado, and sriracha mayo. So good!

Sushirrito converted me.
San Francisco has Sushirrito…so I don’t hate it as much.