Plant the Seed

Seed Bread

It’s been almost a year of Ann+Whatever.

And I’ve done basically nothing.

It’s not that I don’t care to update, but on my list of priorities, this site took the fourth-row, backseat of a passenger shuttle van. It’s now well into 2015. I’ve turn mmph mmph years, and it’s around this age that you really hunker down and get your life in order.

I will NOT be an aimless wanderer when I turn 40!

I’ve done a few things to start:
1. I’ve been more committed to my workouts.
2. I’m making every excuse I can to walk to places.
3. I’m eating fewer carbs.

This seed bread promised to change my world, and it did. Up until this year, I was making Oh She GlowsSuper Power Chia Bread, which is…super…in its own right,  but I found the texture lacking in variety. I can’t tell you how many times I slathered the vegan, seeded flatbread with cream cheese. I’m such a horrible person!

But the Life-Changing Loaf of Bread is different. First, you actually bake it…in a loaf pan! What a concept! Also, the addition of almonds and hazelnuts add that variety of texture I’ve been craving. This is a hearty, satisfying bread of seeds and nuts.  I could eat a whole loaf.

And I have…