Modern Spanish Revival

modern spanish revival

While moving can be an excruciatingly painful chore, you can’t deny that element of optimism in the whole endeavor. Casting away the past. Embracing a new beginning. Tossing away that old baggage. A fresh start. That’s why those early American settlers really took to Manifest Destiny.

The best thing about moving has to be decorating the new place. My place was built in 1926, with all of its Spanish Revival and Art Deco charm. I wasn’t going to fight that. Instead, I embraced it, but tried to make it a bit modern with a sense of humor that suits my personality. I started by creating mood boards with Pinterest for the Modern Spanish Revival look in the living room, and the Art Deco Bathroom. These set the tone for furniture and other items I wanted to buy.

Next, I needed to pick a color palette. I settled on this rug from UrbanOutfitters because it had a traditional pattern in untraditional colors, like teal. My kitchen has teal tile. Bringing the color palette through the rest of the house would unify the entire place.

The furniture is a mix of modern assembly pieces (Ikea), and Craiglist’s or flea market finds – all in a neutral palette. I wanted the color to be in accent pieces and those spectacular teal curtains, also from UrbanOutfitters.

Viola! Mi casa.