Gift Bows and Wrapping

bridal bow

I can’t stand the word “upcycled”, but I love the idea – taking an item you would probably toss and transforming it into a new, valuable item.

Last holiday season, fueled by  an obsession with Pinterest, I found a pin to create your own gift bows from magazine ads. After buying a bunch of magazines (the opposite of what a good upcyclist is supposed to do), I created a plethora of gift bows for friends and co-workers.

But I wanted to take the idea further. Instead of just making the bow from a magazine ad, why not just wrap the entire gift with the magazine? I’ve found this idea works better with a catalog because it creates a more consistent look and feel to the final gift. Plus, catalogs are free and I get a ton. UPCYCLE!

Here’s what I did for a recent bridal shower gift.

1. First, gather the catalogs you want to use. For a bridal shower gift, I felt the Victoria’s Secret catalog was appropriate.
2. Catalogs will have a common theme to their ads, so pick the theme you want to highlight. I chose these ads that really spotlighted the lingerie. I removed the catalog spine (its staples), so I could remove the ads without tearing them.
3. Carefully wrap the item with the ads you’ve collected. This might take some maneuvering of 2 or more ads to actually cover the gift.
4. Pick one colorful ad to make the gift’s bow.

Tada! You have a unique, eye-catching gift that will be the envy of the party.